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Mary PruessMary Pruess
WQPT General Manager


On behalf of all of us at WQPT, thank you for visiting our website. As your regional PBS station, we strive to educate, enlighten, enrich and entertain the lives of residents in our viewing area. I invite you to read my monthly message and hope you will contact us with your suggestions and comments.


Our Mission

Education is the core of progress. Through historical, cultural, and educational programming and events, WQPT provides the tools, partnerships, and opportunities to drive progress.

Our Vision

As a leading community resource, WQPT will challenge people to discover and shape their world, broaden their horizons and become active participants in shaping the future, making our community a remarkable place to live.

Serving Viewers Like You

Quad CitiesFor viewers in Eastern Iowa and Western and North-Central Illinois, WQPT is a respected and innovative public media provider. WQPT is a leading cultural and educational organization that harnesses the power of television and electronic media to educate, enlighten and entertain.

As part of our mission to harness the power of media to create lifelong learn opportunities, WQPT's Educational Outreach extends the life of on-air programming through important community-based initiatives, supplemental materials and community outreach. Recent Outreach projects include American Graduate, Stop Bullying, Writers Contest and the Ready to Learn conference among others. Through the end 2017, WQPT will contiue working with regional organizations to deliver our latest initiative, Embracing Our Military.

WQPT's broadcast schedule features a dynamic mix of programming, including award-winning favorites like Nature, NOVA, This Old House and Masterpiece—plus egional programs like The Cities with Jim Mertens, Exploring with Mr. Scott and The Whitney Reynolds Show. In addition, WQPT's daily schedule features beloved kids' programs like Curious George and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

WQPT delivers a second channel with programming from MHz Worldview. Explore our interactive online schedule to learn more.

Regional organizations and grant funding provide general support and underwriting for specific programs and projects. Viewers contributions, utilized in securing programming and various initiatives provides critical funding for WQPT. Since our inception in 1983, WQPT has been and continues to be a judicious steward of member contributions, philanthropic donations and business underwriting and all other funding.

With all that we strive to provide, we can only do so with viewer support and through the opinions and ideas of our viewers.


A Rich Tradition

We have come a long way since WQPT first hit the airwaves in 1983. Today we continue our rich tradition of providing programs and services that you won't find anywhere else. WQPT has always been and continues to be a nonprofit gem for everyone in our region. We hope you feel as passionately about supporting public broadcasting as we do. WQPT remains one of a few places where you know you will find outstanding quality in the programs we air and the services we provide.

Since our humble beginnings WQPT has grown and today over half a million TV viewers have access to our programming though open-air signals or local cable systems. Not only does WQPT broadcast public television, we also broadcast a secondary channel—MHz Worldview—on channel 24.2.

We extend our gratitude and appreciation to our members, businesses and regional partners for their loyal and continued support. Every contribution, regardless of size, helps us continue our mission both on-air and in the educational outreach initiatives we provide to the communities we serve. Become a supporting member today.


America's Largest Classroom

WQPT along with PBS serves as America's largest classroom, the country's largest stage for the arts and a trusted window to the world that is available to everyone. Our programs help viewers in our region understand the latest front-page headlines, cutting-edge scientific discoveries, natural disasters and even the value of what's in their attics.

Research confirms that public television's programming for children builds critical skills that are essential for success in school. With the help of PBS Kids characters such as Elmo and Whyatt of Super Why!, abstract symbols transform into letters and letters into words. With the help of Curious George, Buddy of Dinosaur Train and The Cat in the Hat, children learn more than how to count; they learn the fundamentals of geology, physics and biology—opening doors of opportunity for all children, even those who can't attend preschool.

WQPT continues to provide more programming, educational opportunities and information to our viewers in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois.

Thanks for tuning into WQPT—your local, regional and valued PBS station.