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Put Play into Your Day!

There are many, many choices when it comes to physical activity. Learn some of the history and basic moves for a variety of sports –basketball, cross country, gymnastics, ice skating, soccer etc.—and how you can incorporate them into your everyday life to increase your balance, flexibility, strength and endurance. You don't have to be a good athlete to enjoy a variety of exercises that put more play in your day!

WQPT, in partnership with The ALCOA Foundation is challenging kids and their families to become more active and to adopt healthier lifestyles.


Season Two Episode List

Episode 1: Try these aerobic exercises that are good for your heart and adapt well for training in any sport.

Episode 2: Take a look at dance in a variety of cultures and include some of the steps—from ballet to ballroom, tap to hip hop—in your exercise routine.

Episode 3: Run, Run, Run—whether indoors or out, on a track or a trail—you can run anywhere and keep in shape.

Episode 4: Although we think of gymnastics as a competitive sport, it can be for recreation too, especially for those who love to somersault, roll and twist.

Episode 5: Grab a ball and have a ball. Whether kicking a goal, making a basket or returning a serve, it's an enjoyable way to exercise.

Episode 6: Swimming has been around since prehistoric times and remains one of the best exercises whether you swim the breast stroke or the butterfly.

Episode 7: Want to build strength, speed, stamina, balance and flexibility? Tae kwon do, the Korean style of karate, and ice skating are two great choices.

Episode 8: Some of the more unusual activities such as the trampoline, baton and hula hoop are great to do with family and friends.


Get Movin' Recipes

Download our featured recipes from both Season One and Season Two (in Adobe PDF format).
The are simple and fun for everyone.

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Host Jennifer Neal and the Get Movin' Cast

Jennifer Neal

Jennifer Neal is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics. An aficionado of nutrition and fitness, her passion is to work with youth and lead initiatives that promote healthy habits.
She currently serves as the Iowa Department of Education's Healthy Kids Act Co-Project Director, where she assists schools with the implementation of healthier foods and beverages into their a la carte lines, vending machines, and fundraisers during the school day.

Additionally, she is an Assistant RD (Registered Dietitian) Coach for the Healthy Schools Partnership, a joint effort between the American Dietetic Association Foundation, PE for Life, and the American Council for Fitness and Nutrition. She is also an ACE Personal Trainer and AFAA Group Exercise Instructor.

She is the author of a healthy recipe booklet for youth called Snacking Smart from A to Z, and is currently developing physical activity DVDs to be used in K-8 classrooms and after school programs called Mission Fitness. Jennifer has partnered with the Iowa Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance to expand these programs.
In her free time, Jennifer enjoys reading, writing about nutrition and fitness, kickboxing, running, cooking, and traveling.

Cast Member Ally is an eight-year-old 3rd grader who plays the piano, sings, dances, and especially enjoys her time in the kitchen, creating new recipes and adding special touches to old. Ally hopes to become a singer or an animal shelter employee.
Cast Member Deena is in the 9th grade. This is her second season with Get Movin'. She enjoys playing soccer, track and playing outdoors which she says helps her stay in shape. She also likes acting so she plans on joining her school drama club.
Cast Member Isaiah is in 6th grade and keeps busy by playing soccer, track, and most sports. He has performed in plays at school and at his church. Isaiah thinks Get Movin' is a great workout and encourages everyone to watch and participate at home.
Cast Member Jack is an 13 year old 8th grader who keeps active by wrestling, working in the yard, and playing with his dogs. This is his second season cooking on Get Movin'. Jack has a 15 year old brother and sister plus a new baby brother.
Cast Member Kennedy is a 7th grader involved in basketball, volleyball, softball, competitive dance, track, swimming, pageants and drawing. She is Miss Mississippi Crown and has appeared in commercials for Verdi Eye clinic, WQPT Healthy Habits and Safety tips and was a member of season one of Get Movin'.
Cast Member Maya is a 10 year old who spends her spare time volunteering to rescue and foster puppies. She has been taking dance since she was three and is in her second season of Get Movin'. She recently appeared in a documentary on the Butterworth Center/Deere-Wiman House.
Cast Member Noah is a 4th grader who is an avid soccer player, playing on two teams all year long. His idol is David Beckham and he hopes to be a legion like him some day. His favorite subjects at school are reading and history and he is passionate about learning about the past.
Cast Member Pearson is an 11 year old in the 6th grade. He is a member of his school orchestra playing the viola. He also plays the piano. He has performed in Miracle on 34th Street at the Quad City Music Guild and he likes to ride his bike and play Wii. In the evening he likes to read a good book.
Cast Member Sydney is a 13 year old 8th grader who as performed in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat" at Circa '21 and in various local commercials. Her hobbies include softball, dancing, singing and playing with her pets Shadow and Blayze. She has two brothers and a sister.
Cast Member Victoria is a 10 year old 5th grader. She enjoys riding her bike with her friends and swimming. She attends dance classes and returns for season two of Get Movin'.
Cast Member Zach is a 12 year old in the 7th grade. He is very busy in theatre performing professionally at Circa 21. He also plays the piano, clarinet, drums and saxophone.