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Chicago Tonight | New series on WQPT

A Fond Farewell | Candy Eastman

Major Donation | WQPT receives $100,000 contribution

The Wall That Heals | Celebrating our veterans

Kilee Foster | Volunteer of the Year

Chicago Tonight on WQPT

Chicago Tonight (WTTW, our Chicago sister PBS station’s flagship nightly news-magazine) is now airing on WQPT. The series, airing weekdays at 1:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m., covers Illinois stories in politics, arts, science and technology, health, business, architecture, education, history, and more. Learn more


A Fond Farewell

In December, after 20 years with WQPT—Candy Eastman, our treasured Membership Director, retired. Candy exemplified the spirit of WQPT with her positive attitude, friendly smile and her unyielding belief in the value and mission of the station.

You might have seen her on the air, but we’re sure you would have recognized her cheerful voice helping viewers with membership questions, renewals and feedback. Candy wrote

"On October 4, 1998 I "signed on" at WQPT. What a fun, exciting and wonderful place to find myself. My coworkers are a great group of people with passion for learning. I have been fortunate to work with an organization that brings quality programs to the airwaves, educational events to schools and libraries and entertaining events like Imagination Station to our community. I have always been amazed and grateful of the support WQPT receives from viewers like you that allows us to enrich all of our lives.

In December, I "signed off" as I entered retirement. t has truly been my pleasure answering your (member) questions and listening to your stories. I will miss you all and I thank you for the wonderful memories I take with me." —Candy

Please join us as we extend our most sincere gratitude for Candy and her commitment to WQPT’s mission and our members. We wish her the very best!


WQPT Receives Major Gift

Two local educators contributed $100,000, the largest private donation in WQPT’s history.
Dr. Joseph Rives and Scott Brouette (our own, Mr. Scott) believe strongly in the value of high-quality, accessible educational programming. As life-long educators, they recognize our work each and every day inside and outside of classrooms.

Their contribution—and yours—ensure our local programming and educational outreach are available to everyone in our viewing area regardless of their financial resources. Because of their most generous gift, WQPT’s will continue to inspire, educate and entertain the young and the young at heart.

"WQPT is grateful not only for the generous support of both Dr. Rives and Mr. Brouette, but the opportunity this gift presents to provide more services, both on-the-air and through our educational outreach "said Mary Pruess, WQPT General Manager.


The Wall That Heals

Honor. Sacrifice. Remembrance. Nearly 7,000 people reflected on the 58,315 soldiers named on the Wall That Heals hosted by WQPT at Western Illinois University–Quad Cities in late July. The four day event was marked by special guests Gold Star wife and daughter, Terri Shelton and Kelli Bruckman laying the wreath at the memorial and the sharing of personal stories by Raymond Torres, Vietnam veteran and Purple Heart recipient, and Dr. Arthur Tate, Vietnam veteran, Colonel (Ret.), U.S. Army during the opening and closing ceremonies.

We heard from many visitors with comments such as "what a sobering experience", "a wonderful, moving tribute", "we are so very grateful for our veterans and WQPT" and many other favorable comments. WQPT brings the world to your living room through excellent programming and outreach activities bring history and education alive. Learn more about Embracing Our Military


Volunteer of the Year
Kilee Foster

Kilee Foster is a WQPT life-long learner and supporter. She started as a WQPT KIDS Club member and viewer of Sesame Street, her favorite PBS KIDS program. Her outgoing and cheerful disposition drew her to volunteer as a greeter for the station. Now an adult, Kilee continues to help get the job done. She has folded hundreds, if not thousands, of letters for various station mailings, cut out dozens of Clifford ears for Imagination Station, attached thousands of labels on free books for area children, and shredded countless reams of paper. Kilee accepts any job asked of her, always with a smile on her face. She exemplifies the spirit of WQPT. Kilee is the granddaughter of former WQPT Membership Coordinator, Candy Eastman (pictured above). Thank you Kilee for all that you do for WQPT!

You can be a volunteer too! Throughout our history, volunteers and WQPT have enjoyed a rich and rewarding partnership. Our first small group of volunteers summoned up the resources and support to create WQPT in 1983. Today, our volunteers continue to make a valuable contribution to the station. Volunteers assist our staff at various events, community outreach activities, and help with membership campaigns. A few hours of your time is a fun and valuable way to get involved while creating a valuable impact to the station and the people we serve. Learn more

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