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Teens for Tomorrow Donation


We were honored to accept a $750 check from Teens 4 Tomorrow. The donation will help support WQPT’s First Book Club, which provides free books to children whose families may not be able to afford them.

First Book is transforming the lives of children in need and elevating the quality of education by making new, high-quality books available on an ongoing basis. WQPT and our regional partners are making a difference. Learn more




Michael Carton (pictured), WQPT’s Director of Education helps plant grasses at the TallgrassQC event at the Figge. Last month WQPT helped in planting grasses that will grow to be 8 to 10 feet tall across the street from the Figge Art Museum. The Davenport patch is a mix of grasses and wildflowers that will eventually turn yellow, lavender, blue, purple and white. The event raises awareness of the prairie as part of the Quad-Cities’ past and its future, WQPT is one of the sponsors of TallgrassesQC.

WQPT is a partner in TallgrassQC—a collaborative initiative that raises awareness of prairie ecology in the Quad Cities region, highlighting the value of native prairie plants and landscapes and their importance as a habitat for butterflies, bees and other pollinators.


Writers Contest Winners

Writers Contest

Earlier this summer we announced the 2016 Writers Contest winners. WQPT received more than 300 stories from students in kindergarten through third grade for the 2016 annual PBS KIDS Writers Contest. Educators and contest sponsors selected16 winners (four from each grade). "We are excited that so many teachers and parents encouraged their young authors and illustrators to participate," said Michael Carton, WQPT Director of Education and Outreach. Entries are returned to participants, along with a certificate from PBS. Read more


Our 2016–17 Ambassadors

WQPT/PBS Ambassadors

Entering its 12th year, the WQPT/PBS Ambassadors program provides college students with the opportunity to represent their local public television station at events throughout eastern Iowa and western Illinois.

“Ambassadors are an extension of the WQPT staff... the skills they acquire, as a direct result of their experiences as Ambassadors in the program, help them obtain employment after college,” said WQPT Special Projects Coordinator Bea Brasel.

The WQPT/PBS Ambassador program has been honored nationally with the “Grassroots Advocacy Award" from the National Friends of Public Broadcasting and with individual awards for two former Ambassadors for their volunteer work for WQPT.

The 2016 class of WQPT/PBS Ambassadors are: (left to right) Lauren Tague, Iame Rea, Marissa Kletke, Lamiaa Nadif, Christopher Black, Amsatou Sow, Malerie West, Kathryn Reed, Morgan Allen, Ho Jean Chang, Haley Schluter.  Not pictured Grace Brasel, Alexandria Sanchez and Katherine Williams.


People Making a Difference

WQPT is possible because of many factors—funding from various sources, including member support, grant awards and the like, as well as the hard work and dedication from our staff and volunteers. So many people and resources coming together to bring the region not only outstanding television, but an extensive array of community outreach. Read more about our Outreach

In April we held the annual Ready to Learn Conference, featuring workshops on a variety of topics related to early childhood education. WQPT works with regional partners, sponsors and volunteers to present this event each year.

FeatureAt this time, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Debbie Lee and Denise Terry. For several years, these women have worked tirelessly to ensure that attendees have a great experience at the conference. Debbie and Denise have attended countless meetings, acquired numerous door prizes, volunteered their time at the conference, identified amazing presenters to bring in, and they have even been workshop presenters themselves. Soon they will be retiring and will no longer serve on the conference committee. We will miss their knowledge, leadership and passion for early childhood education. Thank you both for your hard work, dedication and expertise that has made the conference what it is today. Learn more


Exploring with Mr. Scott

Featured Program

Exploring with Mr. Scott is designed to help encourage children ask questions, try different ways of using materials and offer them a wide range of new experiences.

Exploring with Mr. Scott features Scott Brouette, the assistant director for Western Illinois University-QC Student Affairs and program director for the Western Illinois University–QC/WQPT AmeriCorps Early Childhood Literacy Project.

"Young children learn through exploration and play. When children are encouraged to explore the world around them with the people they love, learning becomes a very powerful principle of their lives," Brouette noted. Learn more

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