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Happy (Early) Retirement, Ana! | WQPT's Educational Outreach Director

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WQPT/PBS Ambassadors | Meet Our New Group of Volunteers

PBS KIDS Writers Contest | Winners Announced

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Amanda Bergeson | WIU Civil Service Employee Award

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Happy (Early) Retirement, Ana!

FeatureAna Kehoe, Education Outreach Director retires after 20 years of outstanding service.

A former teacher, Ana brought her passion for education to WQPT. Through a host of projects lead by Ana—Imagination Station, Ready To Learn Workshops, First Book Club, PBS Kids Writers Contest, Ready To Learn Conference, Martha Speaks Reading Buddies, PBS Learning Media and many others over the years—WQPT has enriched not only the lives of children but also their families, caregivers and teachers.

“After 20 years as the Director of Education and Outreach for WQPT, I am retiring to my garden and a long “to do” list of activities. It has been my utmost pleasure to work at this station and to fulfill a passion to help young children succeed in school,” commented Ana. She went on to add, “it's of utmost importance that we teach kids the critical thinking skills to make the best choices. It's been part of our mission at WQPT to do so, and I wish to thank our many partners, sponsors, funders and viewers for their continued support of our outreach workshops, classroom visits and literacy sites.”

WQPT's General Manager, Mary Pruess commented, "on behalf of the station, our viewers, and countless educators and children's lives she (Ana) has touched, I would like to thank her for the exceptional work, dedication and leadership she has brought to WQPT's Educational Outreach. Thank you Ana! We wish the very best in your future endeavors."

Read more about our Educational Outreach


Embracing Our Military Recent Events


Coming Back with Wes Moore On May 29 we invited viewers and residents of the region to a preview of Coming Back with Wes Moore. The event featured a panel discussion after the screening. Special thanks to our our presenting sponsors UnityPoint Health–Trinity and RIA Federal Credit Union. Additional appreciation to our panelists Amy Hess, Mitch Chapman, Dr. Sam Moreno and Teri Johnson for sharing their stories and offering support and resources for returning military and their families. Plus event moderator, Steve Long host of Inside the Gates and a CBS4 anchor; Jill King for singing the National Anthem. Read more



Hello Elmo! As part of our Embracing Our Military initiative Sesame Street’s Elmo paid a visit to our military families at a fun night while watching a River Bandits game at Modern Woodmen Park.
It was a great time for military families. Read more


2014 PBS Kids Writers Contest
Winners Announced

Story Contest

More than 400 entries for grades K–3 were judged by 14 readers and 5 judges. The 16 winners (4 from each grade) were honored at a ceremony last month at the Deere-Wiman House in Moline.

"There were many wonderful entries, and we never know which ones will catch the judges' eyes. It might be one funny line or a unique idea, but they certainly look for a nice presentation and a story that reveals something special about that child," said Ana Kehoe, WQPT's Director of Education & Outreach. "It's not an easy task to write and illustrate a coherent story," said Ana Kehoe, Director of Education & Outreach for the station, "but at this age, children's minds are so creative that they aren't intimidated by the idea."

About the contest: WQPT invited children from eastern Iowa and western Illinois to create and illustrate their own stories for the 2014 PBS KIDS Writers Contest. Now celebrating its 20th year, the national contest for students in Kindergarten through third grade has become a tradition in households and classrooms in our viewing region and across the country.

Read more


New WQPT/PBS Ambassadors


Please welcome our 2014–15 WQPT/PBS Ambassadors! The program, which is entering its 10th year, provides college students the opportunity to represent WQPT at a variety of events throughout the region.

WQPT/PBS Ambassadors are an extension of the staff, and the leadership skills they acquire in the program have helped many move on to jobs as a direct result of their time with WQPT” said Bea Brasel, WQPT Special Projects Coordinator.


Brew Ha Ha Gets a New Home

StaffThis Spring WQPT announced a collaborative agreement, operations of Brew Ha Ha to the Davenport Jaycees.

Brew Ha Ha has been hosted by WQPT since 2000 to raise funds for children's programming. “We have been looking to expand our educational outreach activities and turning Brew Ha Ha over to the Jaycees allows us to focus on our mission of educational outreach for children and families,” WQPT Chief Development Officer Jamie Lange said.

Brew Ha Ha proceeds will continue to benefit WQPT's children's program and will expand to include other charitable initiatives of the Jaycees. “As a result of this partnership, the Davenport Jaycees will help WQPT invest in a new children's project to be held in the spring 2015 so it's really exciting,” said Davenport Jaycees President April Boyer.

WQPT would like to recognize Bea Brasel, WQPT's Event and Volunteer coordinator for her outstanding work on Brew Ha Ha since its inception in 2000. And we look forward to her work on a new children's event in 2015.

Information about Brew Ha Ha may be found at the Davenport Jaycees website.


Amanda Bergeson

StaffEarlier this year, Amanda Bergeson (WQPT's Office Support Associate) was the recipient of the Western Illinois University Civil Service Employee of the Month.

According to Bergeson's nominator, she is the definition of the "can-do" attitude. The nominator went on to add "When presented with challenging situations, she exhibits responsiveness to the need and is an excellent problem solver," said the nominator. "Amanda has the ability to understand future consequences to her actions and the actions of others and how they impact the University and the department. As a result, she is good at anticipating needs and takes steps to assure that helpful decisions are made."

Congratulations Amanda! Thank you for all you do and your outstanding service to WQPT!


Embracing Our Military


WQPT acts the public interest not only through our programming, but also by engaging with the communities we service on issues of importance in their lives. WQPT is pleased to introduce our newest outreach initiative focusing on our region's military and their families. Embracing Our Military was envisioned as a community-wide dialog evolving over the next couple of years.

Learn more and view the calendar of upcoming events.


Stop Bullying


Bullying continues to be one of the top factors in a students decision to drop out of school. The Connecting Anti-Bullying Resources and Education (CARE QC) initiative was designed to help the region rally around this important issue and encourage the sharing of resources and best practices.

WQPT provides a springboard for outstanding resources, including the Cyber Savvy, Cyber Safe Survey.

Background brief: Led by WQPT Quad Cites PBS, Connecting Anti-Bullying Resources and Education (CARE QC) is a community collaboration of area non-profits addressing bullying in our communities. Last year WQPT aired several anti-bullying programs, held community conversations and hosted a televised discussion with guest speaker Dr. Jennifer Caudle.

Learn more about our Stop Bullying initiative.

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