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Stop Bullying Programs


Stop Bullying with Dr. Jennifer Caudle

Dr. Jennifer Claudle
Dr. Jennifer Caudle, D.O. presents workshops on health & wellness, bullying and motivation to organizations and individuals.
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Renowned anti-bullying expert Dr. Jennifer Caudle is joined by panelists who discuss personal experiences, legal and psychological ramifications and practical resources available to identify and combat bullying. Bullying is a hot topic everywhere and parents, administrators and students themselves are speaking out on how community leaders and educators can help kids feel safe in school and at home.

(Panelists: Angie Kendall, Community Education Program Manager, Child Abuse Council; Robin Peterson, PsyD., Genesis Psychology Associates; Ellie Hoeper, Student and member of "Stamp Out Bullies" Drama Team; and Jerry Jones, Parent and Chief Operating Officer United Way of the Quad City Area.)

Dr. Jennifer Claudle
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An educational film about sexting and cyber-bullying by director and producer Les Ottolenghi. The mission of this documentary is to help parents and teachers start a dialogue with today's teens and tweens about the severity of cyber-bullying and how sexting could impact their future. Parental guidance is suggested.

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Cyber-Bullying Survey

Learn about real-life scenarios that are happening to students, by completing the Cyber Savvy Cyber Safe Survey. Young people are encouraged to take this survey with their parents and discuss how they are using social media and technology to interact with their friends, classmates and the public.

Each section takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and features interactive resources, videos and a self-learning check. After successfully completing a section, you may provide your e-mail to receive your Cyber Savvy Cyber Safe Survey Certificate.

(Please note: The Cyber Savvy Cyber Safe Survey is best viewed on Power Point version 2004 or newer. Some files are large and depending on your internet connection may require a few minutes to download.)

Part 1: Online Identity

Part 2: Cyber Bullying

Part 3: Tools and Strategies


About Care QC

Dr. Jennifer ClaudleLed by WQPT Quad Cites PBS, Connecting Anti-Bullying Resources and Education (CARE QC) is a community collaboration of area non-profits addressing bullying in our communities. CARE QC was formulated based on information from WQPT's American Graduate initiative. Bullying is one of the top factors in a students decision to drop out of school. The initiative is designed to help the community rally around this important issue and encourage the sharing of existing resources and best practices.

Anti-Bullying Resources

Additional resources are available for parents and students to report bullying or to learn more about how to positively handle bullying in your home, school or community.

NEW! Check out Acceredited School Online's Bullying Awareness Guidebook.


Olweus Bullying Program

Stomp Out Bullying

Pete the Purple Bull's
Unity Campaign

Workplace Bullying

Healthy Workplace Bill

State by State
Bullying Laws

Be Bully Smart

Moline Public Library
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Initiative Recap

On-air Programming

A key part of this initiative was to develop a new local program which was comprised of a panel discussion recorded and moderated by Dr. Jennifer Caudle, an anti-bullying expert and an assistant professor at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

In addition to utilizing our local experts, WQPT called on expansive resources provided by PBS in relationship to this topic including airing the following programs: Enough is Enough: Porn 101 educates about the dangers of and how to protect your children from obtrusive online pornography.

Enough is Enough: Predators 101 is about the serious danger of sexual predators on the Internet and how to protect your children.

Teaching Channel: A look at three innovative approaches to tackling bullying at school.

Enough in Enough: The Evolving Web focuses on the evolving interactive web, social networking and cyber-bullying.

Stop Bullying committee members were featured on The Cities with Jim Mertens to promote the program and share community resources.

Community Conversations

Two community conversations were held at partner agencies, Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center and Moline Public Library. More than 50 people attended and we had frank, open multi-generational perspectives. Families were encouraged to attend together. The conversations discussed what bullying looks like today and healthy, positive, empowering ways to combat it. Attendees were given the opportunity to complete the Cyber Savvy, Cyber Safe Survey. Books were handed out to the students in attendance. Many of the middle school aged children took books aimed at younger kids indicating to us that they wanted to read it to their younger siblings.

Stop Bullying Committee Members

Lora Adams
WQPT–Quad Cities PBS

Bea Brasel
WQPT–Quad Cities PBS

Sheila Burns
Rock Island County Regional Office of Education

Joedy Cook
Ballet Quad Cities

Yolanda Grandberry
Rock Island School District #41

Ana Kehoe
WQPT–Quad Cities PBS

Angie Kendall
Child Abuse Council

Jamie Lange
WQPT–Quad Cities PBS

Rebecca Newgent
Western Illinois University

Kim Riley-Quinn
QC United

Joyce Wiley
Quad Citians Affirming Diversity

Lisa Powell-Williams
Moline Public Library

Curtis Williams
Western Illinois Unive

Care QC Partners and Sponsors

Ballet Quad Cities

Davenport Community Schools

Hotel Blackhawk

Martin Luther King Jr.
Community Center

Moline Public Library

Jill Myers, Western Illinois University

QC United

Regional Office of Education
Rock Island County

Riverboat Development Authority

Quad Citians Affirming Diversity

Western Illinois University

Western Illinois University-Quad Cities Student Government Association

Western Illinois University Themes Committee

WQPT–Quad Cities PBS Members