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WQPT, together with other member stations, serve all Americans with content and services that educate, inform and inspire.

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More than half of all Americans use public media every month. 170 million Americans connect through 368 public television stations like WQPT, 934 public radio stations, hundreds of online services, and in-person events and activities.

Public broadcasting is one of the most effective public/private partnerships in America.

Annual federal funding amounts to only $1.35 per American and is leveraged by local stations to raise six times that amount from other sources.

Public broadcasting supports lifelong learning for all Americans. Investments in children's educational, cultural, public affairs and news programming, digital classroom resources, teacher training, and distance learning have made public broadcasting a leader in lifelong learning.

Public broadcasting strengthens our democracy. The free flow of ideas and debate helps us participate in the political process as informed citizens.

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WQPT's General Manager discusses possible
Federal budget cuts on The Cities



PBS is #1 in Public Trust

PBS' commitment to use media for the public good has earned the trust and respect of the American people. For the 14th consecutive year, the American public has rated PBS the most trustworthy institution among nationally known organizations. Parents have also named PBS the most educational media brand, significantly outscoring cable and commercial broadcast television networks.

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WQPT's Outreach

Creating opportunities for children. We partner with numerous organizations throughout our viewing area to enhance the lives of our youngest citizens and their families. We visit countless classrooms and libraries, provide free workshops, and give children free books through our First Book program. In addition, we create fun learning experiences with events like Imagination Station.

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Embracing Our Military

Coming back to civilian life brings challenges and opportunities, as well as stories of remarkable courage and sacrifice. Through WQPT’s Embracing Our Military initiative, we help our region understand the veteran experience and we help bring their story to a wider audience. And we support local projects like “The Wall that Heals,” a half scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, coming in July, that inform and connect us as citizens.

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America's Largest Classroom

Member stations like WQPT, along with PBS are a leader in educational media for children and students and a key partner with parents and educators across America. Through support materials for caregivers and educators, we ensure that tools are available to help build key skills and reinforce learning from the early years and beyond.

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PBS KIDS is #1 in School Readiness

A recent study confirms that parents overwhelmingly agree no other media brand meets their children's school readiness needs like PBS KIDS. The study also found that nine in 10 parents are likely to use PBS KIDS resources for school preparedness and three-quarters say their child exhibits more positive behavior after engaging with PBS.

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Unique, Local Content for Regional Viewers

WQPT brings into focus topics and programming unique to viewers throughout Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois with outstanding programs including The Cities with Jim Mertens, Let’s Explore with Mr. Scott, and Letters Home to Hero Street— along with regional documentaries like Barn Raisers, River to River and Country School: One Room. One Nation.

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Vibrant Neighborhoods, Learning About our Neighbors

Vibrant Neighborhoods encourages citizens to explore the rich history of immigrants who moved to the United States with hopes of creating the American dream. Through challenges and successes, immigrants have and continue to contribute to the rich tapestry that is the Quad Cities region and our nation.

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PBS Ranks #6 Among All Broadcast and Cable Networks

During the 2015–16 season, PBS ranked as the #6 broadcast and cable network for primetime household rating. PBS' primetime household audience is significantly larger than many commercial channels, including A&E (PBS' audience is 156% larger), TLC (138%), Bravo (123%), Discovery Channel (53%) and HGTV (36%).

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